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10:59<ChmEarl> 33431286 Mar 21 05:51 /usr/lib64/efi/xen-4.16.0.efi
10:59<ChmEarl>^ EFI blob in fc36 is so large, used to be 2.7 MB
11:00<ChmEarl>looking at the xen.spec I can't see why
11:03<andyhhp>debug symbols?
11:05<andyhhp>there's been quite a bit of -pep work going on in binutils upstream recently
11:05<andyhhp>and I could entirely we've been depending on side effects of incomplete implementations
11:06<ChmEarl> objdump *xen-4.16.0.efi -> 27672 Apr 7 08:04 hyp-note
11:07<ChmEarl>the .note.package is < 1MB
11:07<ChmEarl>oh, didn't check for the debug flag
11:10<ChmEarl>in xen.hypervisor.config, # CONFIG_DEBUG is not set
11:13<andyhhp>I meant general debug symbols. does `strip -s` make it substantially smaller
11:14<andyhhp>if not, best reporting it on xen-devel@ identifying which version of binutils you've got
11:14<ChmEarl>yes, 6MB now, 6386978 Apr 7 08:14 xen-4.16.0.efi
11:15<ChmEarl>33MB -> 6MB
11:16<ChmEarl>the strip command changed it in-place
11:18<andyhhp>ok - bug report on xen-devel please
11:19<andyhhp>we want to rename that to xen-syms.efi, and strip the thing which gets eventually called xen-4.16.0.efi
11:19<andyhhp>exactly like we do on the ELF side too
11:19<andyhhp>but yeah - that will be a side effect of newer binutils knowing how to generate PE64-compatbile debug info
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