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10:26<neilthereildeil>hey guys
10:26<neilthereildeil>im trying to build xen 4.16
10:26<neilthereildeil>im getting errors in building the efi code
10:26<neilthereildeil>are there any special requirements for bulding efi code?
10:28<dwfreed>you need a linker capable of producing x86_64-pep, but that's pretty much default these days
10:28<dwfreed>it would be helpful if you actually pastebinned the build log
10:29<neilthereildeil>the wiki said check ld -V for "i386pe"
10:29<neilthereildeil>and i canconfirm its there
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10:29<neilthereildeil>which is the buld log file?
10:30<neilthereildeil>im getting this error : ebmalloc.c:35:9: error: implicit declaration of function ‘blexit’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
10:30<neilthereildeil>but im not confinced that i should go in and modify code to make it build. thats alsmost never the answer, since it built on *someones* build environment
10:31<neilthereildeil>dwfreed: does 4.16 release build in your dev environment?
10:32<dwfreed>I do not build xen, so I can't say
10:34<neilthereildeil>ohh u just download it from your distros repos?
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11:14<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, thats a hypervisor build error?
11:15<ChmEarl>sed -i -e '/^CFLAGS/ s/-Werror/-fcf-protection=none -Wno-error/' xen/
11:15<ChmEarl>see this line in the xen/ ^
11:17<ChmEarl>used to build hypervisor in xen-4.16.1 for deb11/Bullseye
11:18<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: no thats an EFI build error
11:19<ChmEarl>the xen/ is in effect for the EFI build
11:20<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: i dont see "protection" in
11:24<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, see the line, begins with CFLAGS, contains Werror
11:28<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: I dont see any Werror here:
11:42<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, sorry, its the xen/Makefile
11:43<ChmEarl>sed -i -e '/^CFLAGS/ s/-Werror/-fcf-protection=none -Wno-error/' xen/Makefile
11:43<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: what about this line? is it supopsed to be removed?
11:44<ChmEarl> `all warnings treated as errors` is softened
11:45<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: but this error that i pastebined was never a warning
11:45<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, my xen-4.16.1 builds, yours does not
11:45<ChmEarl>it builds in Bullseye, Jammy, and AL8
11:47<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, you never used an inline sed edit before? that sed edit is in the debian rules.real
11:48<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: ive used sed like twice
11:49<neilthereildeil>so you want me to ru nthat command?
11:49<neilthereildeil>run that*
11:49<neilthereildeil>or you want me to find a specific line in that file?
11:50<neilthereildeil>from that send command u pasted, i understand you want me to replace line 249 with "CFLAGS += -fcf-protection=none -Wno-error -Wredundant-decls -Wno-pointer-arith"
11:50<neilthereildeil>am i right?
11:51<ChmEarl>thats what I did to get it to build
11:51<neilthereildeil>how did this build on anyone else's machine?
11:52<neilthereildeil>without this modification?
11:52<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, what is your OS/gcc versions?
11:53<neilthereildeil>debian 11.3, gcc 10.2.1
11:53<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, +1
11:54<ChmEarl>xen-4.16.1 works really well on Bullseye, enjoy
11:55<neilthereildeil>something very interesting i found is the ebmalloc.o.d has an extra entry for efh.h
11:55<neilthereildeil>i think it might be a bug in the build system
11:56<neilthereildeil>the compiler error is saying it cant find the declaration of blexit
11:56<neilthereildeil>and i see blexit declared in efi.h
11:57<neilthereildeil>perhaps not coincidentally, i see a possible syntax error with the way ebmalloc.o.d refers to efi.h
11:58<neilthereildeil>wow, that "-fcf-protection=none -Wno-error" led to more errors...
11:59<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: can you try building f26544492298cb82d66f9bf36e29d2f75b3133f2 without ANY modifications? you should get the same error as me, in which case we found a bug
12:01<ChmEarl>^ these are the depends for debian
12:02<ChmEarl>its Dockerfile, but maybe there is a Build-dep you are missing
12:13<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: is this the file you look at to figure out how to build xen, rather than the wiki?
12:14<neilthereildeil>for example when setting up a new dev environment?
12:39<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: i see something weird in /home/neil/xen/xen/arch/x86/efi/.ebmalloc.o.d: /home/neil/xen/xen/include/xen/const.h efi.h \
12:40<neilthereildeil>theres an extra efi.h at the end of the line
12:40<neilthereildeil>and efi.h is the one that declares blexit
12:40<neilthereildeil>i dont think this is syntactically correct
12:40<neilthereildeil>it might not be finding the efi.h declaration
12:40<neilthereildeil>for blexit
13:13<ccw>jgross: I know that you did a patch for the problem I was having with gdbsx. running into another problem. The trap for a break point is never being reflected back to gdbsx, but to the guest system
14:12<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: are you showing me output from building 4.16 just now?
14:14<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, yes, built latest
14:16<neilthereildeil>and it was completely unmodified? which git commit hash? ill try the same
14:27<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: ill try to reproduce building the same git commit on my side
14:27<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, oh its modified, and it uses the Debian build tools
14:27<neilthereildeil>ChmEarl: can you try building f26544492298cb82d66f9bf36e29d2f75b3133f2 without ANY modifications? you should get the same error as me, in which case we found a bug
14:28<ChmEarl>thats a git commit? what date?
14:29<neilthereildeil>* commit f26544492298cb82d66f9bf36e29d2f75b3133f2 (HEAD, tag: xen-RELEASE-4.16.1, tag: RELEASE-4.16.1, origin/staging-4.16, origin/stable-4.16)
14:29<neilthereildeil>* commit f26544492298cb82d66f9bf36e29d2f75b3133f2 (HEAD, tag: xen-RELEASE-4.16.1, tag: RELEASE-4.16.1, origin/staging-4.16, origin/stable-4.16)
14:29<neilthereildeil>Date: Tue Apr 12 14:21:23 2022 +0200
14:29<ChmEarl>link to my Debian Delta:
14:30<ChmEarl>I built with that commit ^
14:30<neilthereildeil>can u try mine plz?
14:36<ChmEarl>we are using the same commit
14:36<neilthereildeil>does it build unmodified for u?
14:39<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, next for me, build xen-4.16.1 in Ubuntu Focal
14:39<ChmEarl>not try to break my working build
14:39<neilthereildeil>maybe u can try to build that unmodified commit i gave u in a differnt folder?
14:42<ChmEarl>neilthereildeil, most likely you are missing a build-depends
14:43<neilthereildeil>but wouldnt i get an error somewhere?
14:44<neilthereildeil>also, do u know how xen/arch/x86/efi/.ebmalloc.o.d is generated?
14:44<neilthereildeil>thats where im seeing a suspicious reference to efi.h
15:36<ccw>I found the problem with gdbsx and breakpoints. in addition to needing CONFIG_GDBSX, CONFIG_CRASH_DEBUG also needs to be set in order to get a fully functional guest debug env
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