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21:15<ClyneS>Good evening, Im having a problem running the FreeBSD based router OS OPNSense as a domU after I upgraded dom0 kernel to 5.15.32 from 5.15.26. I ended up testing every version until I found the failure at 5.15.29. In the changelog was two commits from xen-netback. I reverted those commits to my kernel and that fixed the problem.
21:24<dwfreed>you *reverted* these?
21:25<ClyneS>Yes sir
21:26<dwfreed>that seems odd, given they are themselves reverts
21:27<ClyneS>Yeah I saw that. But all I can say is bone stock 5.15.29 OPNSense has not network connectivity, and after I made the change so it was like 5.15.28 than it worked fine
21:32<ClyneS>I can watch OPNSense boot and at one point it resets the network adapters, so I believe that is why Im having a failure with this code, just reading the description. But I could be wrong; Im no programmer
21:38<dwfreed>having these particular commits should *fix* the issue, not break it, if that were the case
21:38<dwfreed>the initial report resulting in those commits was from ipxe, it looks like, which does the same kind of thing, in a way
21:39<dwfreed>brings up the adapter(s) so it can have network, and then tears them down so that the real guest kernel can initialize them during its boot
21:41<ClyneS>Yeah, for some reason it breaks mine. I dont know how to troubleshoot more or I would.
21:41<dwfreed>ClyneS: it would be interesting to see the output of xenstore ls for the backends and frontends for the vifs
21:42<dwfreed>with the broken kernel, mind
21:42<dwfreed>because the nodes would be missing on the fixed kernel
21:45<ClyneS>Ok I will get that next time I reboot. Hmm, guess Ill have to drop a 'broken' kernel in my boot selection.
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