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11:44<ClyneS>Good morning. I was here yesterday with a network connectivity problem with a OPNSense domU running kernel 5.15.29+ in dom0. I backed out some commits in xen-netback (actually a revert of a revert) and fixed my problem. I was asked to get a 'xenstore ls' while running the broken factory stock kernel.
11:44<ClyneS>I have that now
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12:17<royger>ClyneS: can you please raise on xen-devel
12:18<royger>the mailing list I mean
12:18<royger>ClyneS: `xenstore-ls -fp` is easier to read :)
12:19<royger>the default output mode is IMO difficult to parse
13:04<ClyneS>royger: Ok, I already posted on the xen-users ML. I can cross-post? Sorry about the format, I wasnt aware of that. Its a little difficult because I have to reboot into broken kernel to do testing then reboot into a working kernel when Im done.
13:25<dwfreed>a quick look at the numbers shows the backends are in InitWait and the frontends are in Closing
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14:58<ClyneS>dwfreed: Ok, is there a way to fix that besides reverting that code?
14:58<dwfreed>I'm not sure; xen-devel would likely have more answers
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15:36<ClyneS>Ok I emailed what I have to xen-devel hopefully no one is too unhappy with me
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