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03:26<royger>ClyneS: yes, sorry, I've been busy with other stuff. Will try to get to it later today
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10:11<neilthereildeil>hey guys
10:11<neilthereildeil>im trynna debug a hypervisor hang
10:11<neilthereildeil>im setting up the COM port that was recommended to me here yesterday
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10:13<neilthereildeil>was something changed in xen where i cant set crash_debug as a make argument?
10:14<neilthereildeil>im already building the hypervisor in debug mode, but i need to print debugging information on the console when it hangs
10:18<royger>You must use e.g. 'make menuconfig' to enable/disable crash_debug now.
10:21<neilthereildeil>royger: i tried make menuconfig, but got "tools/firmware/xen-dir/xen-root/xen/Makefile:"
10:21<neilthereildeil>this is 4.16.1
10:21<neilthereildeil>oops wrong paste
10:22<neilthereildeil>got "make: *** No rule to make target 'menuconfig'. Stop."
10:22<royger>make -C xen menuconfig
10:22<neilthereildeil>it doesnt recognize manuconfig as a make target
10:22<royger>you need to use -C xen if running make from the top level directory
10:23<neilthereildeil>ohh this is nice, similar to the kernel's kconfig. its easier to enumerate all the possible hypervisor config available now when building xen!
10:24<royger>it's actually kconfig from linux ported to xen
10:24<neilthereildeil>my biggest difficulty has always been knowing the make targets and possible options
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