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01:52<amari>Where can I find docs for porting a kernel to PVHv2 and "ARM"?
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02:58<royger>amari: PVHv2 is exclusive to x86, Arm has just one guest type which has sometimes been refered as PVH. So are you interested to port to PVHv2 on x86 and Arm, or just to port an OS to work as an Arm domU?
03:07<amari>royger: Thanks for getting back to me. I meant to write "PVHv2, and Arm", implying two different guest types. Sorry about that, I forgot a comma.
03:09<amari>So, I'm interested in porting to the PVHv2 guest type on x86, and the "PVH" guest type on Arm.
03:09<royger>amari: does your OS has some Xen support already? (ie: Xen PV drivers for block and network?)
03:12<amari>royger: No, there's no Xen support at all.
03:13<royger>amari: my recomendation would be to start booting it as a Xen HVM guest and add drivers for xenstore, grant table, blkfront, netfront and the PV console
03:14<royger>that will be shared between x86 and Arm. Afterwards you can look into PVHv2 and Arm
03:18<royger>I cannot speak about Arm, but on x86 first thing should be to detect Xen presence using CPUID and populate the hypercall page
03:18<royger>there's code in a bunch of OSes to do that: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and MiniOS at least
03:45<amari>royger: Thanks for your recommendations, you've been very helpful.
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